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May 4, 2008

After a long long time

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It has been a pretty long time since I wrote the last blog. In the meantime a lot of things had happened. The US of A is witnessing a progressively fratricidal battle for Presidential nomination within the Democratic Party while McCain laughs away silently. The way the divide is widening within the party it seems an unlikely situation where the entire rank and file would close around who ever gets the final nod to run as the Presidential nominee.

In India, the latest version of cricket circus called IPL is thundering along in its second week and its chairman or CEO or whatever – how does it matter anyway, is trying to look very busy and strutting about with a self important swagger trying to make us all believe that he is doing a great service to Indian cricket. Some of their promos are really childish, to say the least. Like last night, or the night before, I am slightly confused, each evening looks so similar, they had an ad on air where a Sikh staying in Calcutta proudly proclaimed his support for Kolkata Knight Riders while a Bengali staying somewhere in Punjab beamed while he declared he would love to see King’s Eleven (the team from Punjab) crush the team from Calcutta.

What do they take us for, these IPL blokes? Specially this Lalit Modi fellow. He moves around as if he is more important than perhaps Mukesh or Anil Ambani and tries to look very smart. But what he does not understand (and I feel very sorry that Indian cricket is in the hands of people who know practically nothing of India) that ours is a country where traditions run very very deep. A TV promo here or jingle there will not alter the scenario overnight.

In the midst of all this George Bush again managed to put his foot in his mouth. Incensed perhaps because India and China have stopped exporting foodgrain and facing the prospect of rising food prices in his own country, Bush imperiously declared Indians and Chinese have started eating too much and it is because of these greedy subhumans, the lord of the world Americans are forced to buy foodgrains at higher prices.

Really, these Indians and Chinese don’t have any sense – they just aren’t going to be civilised. Instead of quenching their hunger they should have first seen to it that the Americans are taken care of. After all who doesn’t know that the sun rises from the posterior of George Bush.

So much for now. I will keep coming back with a ferocious regualrity.



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