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August 6, 2008

CPM takes the first step towards extinction

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It is with a bledding heart I am writing this post.

I have been a witness to the rise and consolidation of CPM in West Bengal through the last three decades and now I am also witnessing how this once- upon-a-time party for the masses is gradually and inexorably sliding down the path of extinction. It is indeed no small mercy that Harkishen Singh Surjeet is no more to witness this tragic harakiri. I really feel sad for Jyoti Basu, he must be wondering whether he has outlived more than he would have liked to.

With the reins of this grand party at the hands of a person who has never ever won a public election and does not know what realpolitik is, CPM is caught in a bind with no pragmatic Deng Ziao Peng in sight to bring the politbureau back to its senses.

The General secretary of the party had made it a personal issue (though he mouthed a lot of dogmatic mumbo jumbo) with the Congress over nuclear deal and has made himself and the party a laughing stock to the whole nation. Else how could he bend over backwards and shake hands with Mayavati – a person whose entire politics is based on narrow confines of caste and who even her “trusted” commanders don’t trust? And, look at those hangers ons – the CPI, Forward Bloc and RSP!

These fringe parties have practically no independent existence in West Bengal and can do precious little against the diktats of Biman Bose, converner of Left Front in the state. They are extremely frustrated and are trying to create some importance of their own by pumping up Prakash Karat to take suicidal decisions. After all, as long as CPM remains strong, these parties can not even dream of a really independent existence. So, they are going all out to weaken CPM – all in the name of leftist integrity and principles.

When a rank commoner like me can understand this why can’t the rank and file of West Bengal wake up to this nefarious conspiracy. What has happened to the famed Bengal line within the party? Have they all fallen asleep? Else how could the issue of Somanth Chatterjee escalate to a full fledged fiasco?

What’s worse I find Biman Bose raving and ranting that all those who dare to break party discipline are not welcome to stay within its ranks. Whose party is it anyway? Surely not that of Prakash and Brinda Karat and those comrades from south who come to power every alternate term in Kerala by teaming up with the rabidly communal Muslim League (it takes on a new name every now and then, but is the same old poisonous wine packaged attractively in ever changing bottles).

This the party of Jyoti Basu, Pramode Dasgupta, Namboodripad and surely A.K.Gopalan. This is not a party of a handful of crazy and egotitstic doctrinaires who don’t hesistate to enjoy all the fruits of US opulence while routinely condemning it.

If the party has to survive, Bengal line must assert itself and the likes of Prakash Karat should be shown the door. Yes, none other than Biman Bose should take initiative and stop this quixotic charge towards the dustbin of history.

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