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April 10, 2015

How to find out your skin tone to find the best nude lipstick for you

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A nude lip need not be as nude as it appears. A clever choice of nude lipstick, deftly applied on lips creates that irresistible attraction that ladies would be willing to give a limb for. But to make the attraction genuinely lethal, the lips should neither be too matte nor too glossy but just seamlessly match with skin tone to give that additional fullness that makes a female metamorphose from an ordinary Jane to femme fatale. Even the slightest error in choosing the best nude lipstick would give a garish over made up look that is enough to turn away even a sailor that had been on high seas for over a year. It might sound exaggerated, but over made up lips often mar the overall impression of even daintiest of ladies as it makes them look like scavengers on the prowl for juicy preys.

So, the first step in the right direction would be to exactly determine the exact skin tone before venturing to purchase a nude lipstick. Skin tone depends on the amount of melanin present in skin and the density of veins near the skin surface. But medical terminology apart, it would be worthwhile to be acquainted with the few practical and sure fire steps that provide a near accurate feedback of skin tone as that is crucial in choosing the best nude lipstick that would perform that much sought after magic.

First step in finding true skin tone would begin with a thorough washing of face with a gentle cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. Once the face is absolutely clean, it should be gently patted dry with a soft fluffy towel without rubbing too hard as that causes blood to rush to the surface and provide a reddish hue that often isn’t the actual skin tone.

Once the face is absolutely dry, one should wait for at least a quarter of an hour to allow the skin to return to its normal state. Then one should find a place that has a mirror and is flooded with natural light and hold a white paper to one’s face and using it as a foil determine whether the skin is looking yellowish or pinkish. If it veers towards yellowish, skin has a warm tone and if it borders pinkish the skin has a cool tone.

The other process would be to hold one after the other gold and silver foils against the face and the foil that gives a radiant warm look would be the one that is sought after. If gold foil imparts that glowing look skin tone is warm and if silver foil does the trick, skin tone is cool.

One other method would be to hold wrists out in the sun and find out the color of blood vessels. If they appear greenish skin has a warm tone and if they appear bluish skin tone is cool.

Once skin tone is rightly determined, hunt for the best nude lipstick begins in real earnest.

A warm skin tone would be perfectly complemented by a sheer cocoa hued nude lipstick that would highlight lips by making them fuller without crossing that fine line between attractive and garish.

For those that possess pale lips a little bit welcome boost is necessary to present those in a “come hither” platter by applying a beige nude lipstick with just a hint of pink.

There are numerous nuances that need to be borne in mind while choosing the best nude lipstick. So, there’s no need to hurry and make a grotesque mistake to repent later. One should proceed with slow but steady steps.

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