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August 9, 2012

Glock Handguns

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Glock handguns though initially viewed with skepticism as being ‘plastic’ guns have become the most desirable pistols in the world with police forces and armies (not to mention private owners) of not only Austria, its place of birth, but almost all other armed forces in the world and private enthusiasts residing in all corners of the world overwhelmingly opting for it. These guns are known for their ruggedness and for the three tier safety mechanism that prevents any accidental discharge and are accepted as benchmarks in the category of handguns. Starting from the first model Glock 17, this handgun has spawned four generations and still remains hot favorite among handgun users of the world. Some of the super successful and immensely popular Glock handguns are described below but one must admit it will be sea of difference between reading this review and actually handling a Glock gun – it gives a unique feeling of reassured and controlled power that no other device can ever hope to come anywhere near.

Glock 36 – This is a slim, sleek model that is so very easy to carry around and equally easy to aim and shoot. The comfort of carrying around this uniquely crafted instrument is perhaps not quite possible to express in words and needs to be experienced firsthand.

Glock 19 – It is a miniature wonder of sorts that can be concealed very easily and is the preferred weapon for USAF pilots to be used in case of emergency. Though tiny in size, it retains the unique capability of being bang on target and work flawlessly under extreme conditions. Personnel detailed with VIP security almost universally prefer this weapon as it does not create an ugly and obvious bulge that is associated with other handguns.

Glock 17 – This is another marvel of sorts. The safety system in this pistol is not found in any other pistol available in the market. You can opt from the three different trigger pulls that are available and the trigger is the only operative level in this weapon thus making it a consistent and a very safe weapon. Not only the user has the same feeling after firing every shot but also the trigger, when pulled, first disengages from the safety mechanism, fires the bullet and then returns to its engaged position. The textured grip provides a level of comfort one can hardly expect from weapons.

Glock 17 C – It is an update over the original Glock 17 version and has all the features of other Glock 17 series weapons. What it has and no other handguns have are two outward facing barrel ports and have two vents to exhaust the hot air through two outlets cut on the top of the slide. This allows the user to aim again for the follow up almost instantaneously without losing aim or balance.  The grip is ergonomically designed and provides a unique level of comfort while using the instrument. Being light as all Glock handguns are, this model also provides the additional benefit of rapidly firing the extremely crucial second shot that actually determines the ultimate outcome of any encounter.

Glock 20 – This is a giant among handguns with enormous firepower and ability to shoot down even big games with ease. The obvious concern of every user would be the almost unmanageable recoil that would obviously result from such massive ejection power and the resultant inability to aim once again immediately after firing the first shot. Manufacturers have been aware of this issue and have made a gun that has amazingly less recoil, especially considering the awesome firepower this gun manages to hold within itself. This would be a very rational choice if you are interested in carrying a volcano with you that can be directed and aimed flawlessly pumping one supercharged hot lead after the other in quick succession at the hapless target.

Glock 21 – This is a big gun and has almost become a part of American folklore. Its 0.45 mm bore and awesome firepower has not only made it an absolute favorite with law enforcing agencies and armies but also has acquired an air of machismo and charisma that every male would aspire for. So, if you want to really declare you are a man and wish to have a handgun to go with your persona; this is the best choice for you.

Glock 22 – This is the much awaited crossover between the heavy duty Glock G21 and its 0.45 bore and other wildly popular smaller pistols of 9X19 size made by Glock. The manufacturers realized the necessity of plugging in the gap in its product portfolio and came out with this 0.40 mm bore pistol. This 15 round pistol retains the lethal accuracy and nearly the same firepower of its bigger brother but everything is packed in a much leaner frame that is simply loved by police forces across the world.

Glock 23 – This gun also has 0.40 mm bore but has certain path breaking design innovations that make it stand out among handguns. It has a size that can be carried openly or if one desires, be concealed from public view. It is extremely light and has a newly designed grip that allows every user to instantly feel comfortable to hold the gun irrespective of the size of the hand and holding style. This feature makes it an immensely desirable personal weapon of choice.

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