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June 11, 2010

Transform Seoul as the center for world peace

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It might sound rather utopian, but if Seoul can indeed be converted into the center for world peace it would have numerous trickledown social and economic benefits that might not be so obvious to a casual eye. As the world revolves around commerce and profit, it would surely be more prudent to discuss the economic benefits first as that would ensure an eager audience right at the outset.

If Seoul becomes the center of world peace, it would almost automatically be the place where good human beings from all over the world will congregate, for the simple reason that all those who are good essentially love one another and believe in harmony, peace and prosperity, not only for their kith and kin but also for all humans living in each and every corner of mother earth. This would give Seoul a unique distinction of being the repository of good human beings and would cast an irresistible spell to people living elsewhere to make a trip to Seoul and experience this new phenomenon first hand. As a side thought it must also be mentioned that since South Korea is still technically at war with North, the concept of international peace would immediately ring a bell not only in every Korean citizen but also all peace loving people across the globe. That would most certainly result in a constant flood of tourists which would allow the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to reach its ambitious target of attracting ten million foreign tourists without breaking a sweat.

As anyone having the slightest idea about the economic impact a booming tourism sector can have on the overall economy of a country would admit, if Seoul can indeed project itself as the center for world peace, South Korean economy would receive a boost that no amount economic planning or foreign assistance has ever been able to generate in its entire checkered history.

If these economic benefits do not seem enough of a reason for declaring Seoul as the center for world peace, just pause awhile and ponder on the social benefits that can be derived from such a declaration.

Parts of Seoul, especially those parts that house ancient palaces and museums, can be closed off to the daily hustle and bustle of urban life and a Peace Plaza  be constructed. Tourists from all over the world can come to Seoul and stay in a luxury hotel at the Seoul World Peace Plaza, visit the Gwanghwamun World Peace Square, walk through the Namdaemun World Peace Gate, and then stroll along the Cheonggye World Peace Stream.

If sections of this world peace complex are auctioned to individuals and groups who would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of their sections, Seoul would undoubtedly become the cleanest place on earth. But what would be the motivation of these volunteers, you might argue. Well, the only and perhaps the strongest motivation would be a realization that they, along with numerous other global citizens, have become an inseparable part of a global movement for universal peace. As they would saunter along the banks of the sparkling Cheonggye World Peace Stream, they would surely feel a sense of elation and an oneness with the rest of humankind while browsing through the names of all those that have joined them in maintaining that part of the stream in the name of world peace.

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